Graphic Industry

Ink Applicator Rolls

For conventional water-based Inks as well as ultra violet UV rays.

High Quality graphic flex sleeves

We build all kinds of covers and sleeves for flexography, pressing sleeves, conductive sleeves, antistatic sleeves, etched flexographic sleeves…

Anilox Rolls

We manufacture anilox cylinders in mechanically engraved chrome steel and also ceramic material with laser engraving. This give us the perfect surface with microcells that allow the roller to transfer the perfect ink amount during the printing process.

Other Services

Besides all this, in TecnoCaucho Rolls & Cover, we repair and build from scratch rolls for all applications in the graphic industry, we also offer the perfect dynamic balancing and superfine grinding for the flexographic sleeves.

Wetting rolls

Inking Rolls

Strainer Rolls

Metering Rolls

Mixer Rolls

Lacquering Rolls

Crashing Rolls

Strand Rolls

Strand Sleeves

Guide Rolls and Sleeves

Plate-carrying Sleeves