Graphic Industry

Ink Applicator Rolls

We have exclusive formulations of coating rollers and inks for both conventional water-based inks, cliché sleeves for printing with fat or mixed inks, as well as elastomer coatings for all types of sleeves and coatings for ultra-violet UV printing.

High quality flexo graphic sleeves

We manufacture all types of roller covers, flexographic sleeves and shirts for the graphic arts industry, with cores available in reinforced glass fiber and carbon fiber, custom-made for each sleeve and machine.
Our cliché sleeve coverings can be engraved and have Anti-static, conductive or semiconductor properties, optimized for electrostatic printing systems (ESA System).

Anilox rollers and sleeves

We manufacture, engrave and maintain topo type anilox cylinders, whether sleeves, sleeves or rollers, both in mechanically engraved chrome steel and ceramic material with laser engraving, this is how you get rollers, sleeves rubber sleeves.
Our anilox sleeves with a perfect surface with the desired volume and number of micro-cells to allow the roller to perfectly transmit the right level of ink in the printing process.

Central Printing Drums

The central drum is the key piece of this type of flexo graphic printers, so it is essential that its metal coating is resistant to wear and corrosion.
In Tecnocaucho rolls & covers we are experts in the metallization of central flexo graphic drums by HVOF high speed thermal projection, as well as their grinding ensuring a perfect surface finish, maintenance and fine tuning.

Anilox Protective Covers

Anilox cylinders, sleeves and sleeves are probably the most valuable asset of the printing machines that contain them. Therefore, it is essential to avoid any damage that may be caused to the coatings of anilox rollers in their handling, installation in machines or storage.
Tecnocaucho Rolls & Covers' Anilox protective covers are made of high quality elastomers custom-made for each roller, sleeve or shirt, which guarantees a perfect fit maximizing the life of the anilox coating, as well as avoiding grease and ink stains.
Our sleeves and sleeves are resistant to all types of cleaners and solvents, and allow the quick location of each cylinder as it is possible to put labels or engravings identifying each roller.

Other Services

Besides all this, in Tecno Rubber Rolls & Covers, we repair and build from zero rollers for all applications in the graphic industry, as well as its dynamic balancing and supfine grinding also for rubber sleeve or ceramic anilox sleeves and flexo graphic sleeves.

Wetting rolls

Inking Rolls

Strainer Rolls

Metering Rolls

Mixer Rolls

Lacquering Rolls

Crashing Rolls

Strand Rolls

Strand Sleeves

Guide Rolls and Sleeves

Plate-carrying Sleeves