Other Industries

Food Industry

Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers offers a number of solutions for different processes which require rolls and wheels in the food industry, we have synthetic rubber and natural rubber and polyurethane elastomers with food certification for all the machines of this industry.

Roll covers with food certification

Peach pitter rollers

Mandarin peeling rollers

Cherry peeling rollers

Elastic “Willmes” lungs for grape squeezing processes

Polyurethane rolls with food certification

Almond peeling Rolls

Rubber seals

Ceramic sector

The technical rolls and coatings of Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers for ceramic industry allow ceramic end products to have the appropriate qualities for these materials, like high mechanical resistance, great wear resistance, longer useful life, being chemically inert, besides having an exceptional heat and electricity resistance. We offer a catalogue of rubber elastomers, polyurethane and ceramic and steel surface covers, specifically for the machinery of this sector.

Polyurethane and urethane rubbers for ceramic punch covers

Special anti-abrasion rubbers for glazing machines

Non-staining suction cups

Anti-abrasion suction cups

Serigraphy scrappers

Anti-abrasion rubber

Antistatic rubber

Friction rubber

Rubber and polyurethane rolls for high abrasion

Sponge Rolls for Sticker application

Guiding Wheels

Anilox Rolls

Mining Sector

We offer special formulations to guarantee optimal performance in mining environments, these roller coverings in polyurethane elastomer and natural rubber are specifically designed to withstand hard working conditions in corrosive and abrasive environments of mining, and at the same time ensuring high performance of the processing plants.

Head rollers

Take-up rollers

Guide rollers

Bagging nozzles

Projection nozzles

Sieves for aggregate sifting

Pipe coatings

Deposit Coverings

Tanks for attack of minerals

Carton Sector

Carton and corrugated cardboard Industry is a combination of the packaging and paper sectors and because of it, the wheels and coverings that intervene in this industry must have appropriate qualities for its correct functioning. TecnoCaucho Rolls & Covers offers a wide range of different materials, it being cellular rubber or polyurethane elastomers coatings for wheels and rolls of all requirement levels and working condition complexities of the corrugated cardboard machines, and also those used for transformation and converting of carton.

Inking rollers

Gluing rollers

Silicone rollers

RAM roller “Pisón”

Guide rollers

Lower anvils

Driving wheels

Corrugating rolls

Plasticizer rollers

Expander rollers


Ceramic anilox rollers with laser-engraved engraving

Rodillos Laminadores

Chrome anilox and steal rollers with mechanical engraving


Tanning and leather Industry

The machinery of this industry requires gum rubber elastomer coated rollers and with polyurethane of proper chemical and physical qualities in order to withstand working conditions of leather and tanning workshops. Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers offers a wide range of coatings for technical cylinders for the tanning sector, among which we would emphasize roll covers for skin fleshing machines, rubber covered rolls for leather division, guiding rollers, tension rolls, etc.

Fleshing rollers

Stretching rollers

Chromium dividing rollers

Strainer rollers

Softener rollers

Engraving rollers

Sander rollers, one or two layers and with different densities

Inking rollers

Varnishing rollers

Rubber mats for greasing rollers

Technical components

From its beginnings, more than 50 years ago, Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers has always had a section dedicated to design and manufacturing of polyurethane, silicon and natural and synthetic rubber components. Thanks to our specialized injection machinery and our press sections we can make the components with all the necessary requirements. Besides, we also have a wide range of our own formulations in rubber elastomer and also polyurethane gums.




Polyurethane technical components

Rubber technical components

Silicon technical components

Plates, profiles, bars, rounded pieces

Rubber-metal component junction

Sealing gaskets up to 2 x 2 m

Food quality moulded components

Plaster moulds for components

Rubber membranes

Protective bellows

Silicon suction cups

Special Rubber, Silicon and Polyurethane components

Special coatings

The special sprayed rubber and polyurethane elastomer coatings are a great solution to solve problems of abrasion, corrosion o the combined action of both in places like deposits, tanks, cooling towers, pipelines or any other place o construction that requires a coating which can provide better properties. According to the size and portability factor, the coatings can be applied in our facilities or “on-site”