Textile Industry

Main applications for the textile sector

Washing roller

Mercerizing range rollers

Decorator rollers

Strainer Rolls

Finisher Rolls

Gluing Rollers “Dayco”

Singeing Rollers

Kuster Rollers, fixed and floating

Articulated Banana “Myco” Sleeves

Selvedge guiding rollers

Blue-Roll (PU)

Teflon Sleeves PTFE

Embossing Rolls

Ink tanks and deposits

Teflon Rolls PTFEC

Detergent tanks and deposits


In Tecno-Caucho Rolls & Covers we possess the experience offered by more than half a century of coating rollers, besides the technology, equipment and appropriate machinery to perform all the maintenance and construction phases of you coated roller for the textile sector.

Roll reparation for the textile sector

Construction and repair of steel cores of the highest quality

Superfine grinding

Polishing of rollers to mirror, matte or any rigour

Dynamic balancing for every roller

Laminating sleeves and rolls construction

Steal and ceramic rolls, chromes and anilox construction and repair