The Company

Currently, Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers is the national company with the largest production capabilities for rolls, sleeves or moulded components, coated with synthetic and natural rubber, polyurethane, composites and HVOF thermal spray. Thanks to our need to constantly improve we stand out today through our strong R+D+I investment, which is why our rolls, press and technical component coating offer encompasses all the industrial materials. And that gives us the ability to be able to offer high efficiency and high quality solutions to improve the efficiency and functioning of the machinery and manufacturing processes of our customers.

Founded in 1961

Tecno-Caucho Rolls & Covers was created in year 1961. During its first stage the focus was on the manufacturing of technical components and natural and synthetic rollers. In year 1972, it relocated to the location it is to this day.

The beginning of the elastomer production

In the decade of 1980 the production and manufacturing of polyurethane elastomers began. Years later, thermal spray roll and press coverings would arrive and also composites cylinders.

Tecno Caucho | Rolls & Covers in 2016

Nowadays, Tecno-Caucho Rolls & Covers has more than 12.000 m2 of facility area, and our goal is still to offer the best service and the widest product range of superficial covers in the national and international markets.

Our experience and expertise in industrial applications of our coverings in every industrial sector enables us to offer a very complete service.
From the mechanization of preparation of the surfaces to cover and to grinding and super-finish of the covered components, through lathing, drilling and dynamic balancing of rollers, sleeves and technical components.