Our Divisions

Currently Tecno Caucho is divided in four highly specialized roll coverings divisions.




Production capacity


Rollers to be covered

Maximum length of 12 meters
Max diameter of 2,3 meters
Max weight of 64.000 kg


Rolls Repairing capacity

Max length of 11 meters
Max diameter of 1,8 meters
Max weight of 64.000 Kg


Roll balancing

Max length of 14 meters
Max weight of 64.000Kg.

How we do it

In Tecno-Caucho, in addition to the most appropriate facilities, equipment and machinery for roller coating and machining, covers and mechanical components we also dispose of the most important element: a technical and human team, willing and ready to fulfil our customers’ needs.

  • Our priority is always to offer the maximum quality in all our jobs.
  • We asses every case until we can offer what the customer really needs.
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years of experience

In 1961 we began to focus on the manufacture of rubber-modelled pieces. In the 80's we continued with rollers and elements in polyurethane elastomers, for the last decade composites and HVOF and APS Plasma thermal spraying coatings.

Currently, Tecnocaucho is the domestic company with the highest production capacity in complete rolls, and their covers including rubber, polyurethane, composites and hard covers with high speed HVOF and APS Plasma thermal spraying.

Our goal is to offer the best service and the widest range of roll covers on the national and international markets.