Tissue Converting 

Cliche Applicator Rollers

The applicator rolls for the tissue paper industry are known as cliché rolls, these coverings are in charge of transferring the exact amount of glue to the toilet paper, tc rolls & covers has the polyurethane and rubber covers for tissue converting cliché rolls with the best properties, guaranteeing a perfect geometry and a magnificent duration, as well as an excellent surface finish.

Cliché Roller

Aplicator Roll

Glue Roller

Adhseive roll

Cliche Aplicator Tissue

Embossing rollers

Embossing roll covers are the key point and most important of the tissue converting machines, they are used to produce the embossed patterns on toilet paper, kitchen towels and other non-woven fabrics.
At TC Rolls & Covers we know that every application and every type of tissue embossing pattern presents unique requirements for the elastomer covering of the embossing roll. That's why at Tecnocaucho we have an extensive variety of rubber embossing roller covers, either natural rubber, polyurethane or elastomer-based compounds.
Thanks to our more than 60 years of experience in the roller coating industry, we can recommend the optimal counter-embossing roller covering for your machine, taking into account the design patterns to be embossed as well as the depth of the relief of the pattern, the maximum speeds of the tissue line, the linear load that will be applied by the cylinder, and even the amount of virgin and recycled fiber that will use your toilet paper.
Tecnocaucho Rolls And Covers is at the forefront of development and innovation in new compounds for embossing roller coverings in order to adapt them to the future needs of the tissue paper market, as well as to enable the covers to withstand high embossing speeds with both micro-embossing and macro-embossing patterns, Not to mention the extreme resilience, antistatic properties and low surface tension of our premium polyurethanes for tissue converting, plus solutions for the latest trends in high temperature embossing with airmill drying.

Embossing roller

Against Embosser roll

Micro-embossing cylinder

Miacro-embossing cylinder

Embossing Press

Marrying Rollers

The marrying rolls for the conversion of tissue paper, also known as match rolls are responsible for joining the different layers of paper that make up the final product, which is why these rolls must be coated with materials that can withstand high working pressures, maintaining a stable NIP over the entire surface of the roll to ensure the accuracy of the union of the different layers of toilet paper, thus obtaining a great finish.
The TC rolls & covers for Marry rolls of tissue converting machine are adapted to all types of converting machines, we have marriage coverings in one or more layers, in rubber and polyurethane elastomers high quality that guarantee the best final product, whether multilayer toilet paper, napkins or kitchen rolls, these roll coverings have a high quality in addition to an extreme life and great dynamic properties.

Marrying Press

Marrying Roller

Marry Cylinder

Joining Tissue Roller

Tissue Anilox Rollers

The correct application of the adhesive in the conversion of tissue paper rolls not only depends on the quality of the covering of the cliché roll, this responsibility also falls on the anilox roll, this roll covered with ceramic materials (pure chrome oxide) projected by plasma at high speed has a pattern of cells engraved by laser that allows you to dose the precise amount of glue to the tissue paper sheet next to the applicator cliché roll.
The anilox rolls of tc rolls and covers for the tissue converting industry are coated with the most advanced ceramic compounds so that we can offer precise and durable coating rolls.
At Tecnocaucho we manufacture, repair and coat all anilox rolls to meet your machine manufacturer's original specifications. State-of-the-art laser engraving allows us to achieve the perfect cell structure and volume to ensure accurate and consistent release of tissue adhesive.

Anilox Roller

Ceramic Anilox Cylinder

Anilox Tissue Sleeve

Anilox Tissue Cover

Tissue Printing Sleeves

Tecnocaucho Rolls & Covers has been present for decades in the world of flexographic printing, we have specific formulations for all the coverings present in this type of flexo graphic printing.
The covers for toilet paper and tissue printing are specially designed to transfer the exact amount of ink to the paper sheet in such a way that the ink expense is minimized, prolonging the uptime of the tissue printing machine and maximizing in this way the life of the printing rolls and sleeves.
TC Rolls and Covers offers the highest quality for technical coverings of flexo sleeves, plus our high definition direct laser engraving systems guarantee a perfect finish and faithful reproduction of the required design patterns on the sheet of tissue paper of the final product.

Flexographic sleeves

Tissue printing rollers

Laser-engraved sleeves

Engraved rollers for printing

Graphic rubber flexo sleeves

Other services for Tissue Converting

At TC Rolls & Covers we take care of the complete maintenance of the rolls and cylinders of your tissue converting machine, we repair and build rolls for all applications in the paper industry, as well as their dynamic balancing and grinding to any type of surface finish, in the same way that we also do for sleeves and flexo graphic sleeves.
In Tecnocaucho Rolls and covers we also manufacture and repair molding or pressure rolls for the tissue paper industry, either hygienic or sanitary, as well as rsa rolls and traction rolls. We even coat the core winders of cardboard cores by means of high speed thermal projection HVOF so that they achieve a lifetime.