Steel Industry

We have developed coverings and processes for each roll position of the main production lines.




Continuous Annealing

Electro tinning line (ETL)

Electro galvanizing line (EGL)

Painting lines



Inspection lines

Cutting and flattening lines

Continuous Galvanizing Line (CGL)

Right from its foundation the rolls and technical covers of TecnoCaucho Rolls & Covers have been strongly present in the steel and metal working sector, performing all kinds of works, which range from roll reparation and construction, the grinding and dynamic balancing to frame coating, supporting wages for coils, tanks for the stripping lines, and even big number of maintenance works and technical coatings on the premises.

Some of our main coating for steelmaking rolls are:

Decoiler spindle sleeves

Coiler spindle sleeves

Return rollers

Immersion Rollers

Strainer Rollers

Belt switch Rollers

Feed Rollers

Trailing Rollers

Cyclic Rollers

Guide Rollers

Tensioning Rollers

Flange Rollers

Antistatic Rollers


Dynamometric Rollers

Draw Rollers

Chroming Rollers

Ink applicator Rollers