Paper Industry

Forming Section

The paper forming section of a paper machine is where the pulp, also called fibre grout, is converted into a sheet with the help of the formation rollers or forming table. This is where the different rollers and suction presses form the sheet of paper and reduce the water contained in the pulp.
The coverings of the rollers paper forming table must have the best possible properties since it is a critical zone for the formation of the paper sheet is practically constituted fixing its structure and main characteristics.
In Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers we are specialized in the construction and covering of rollers for the formation of paper, be it head rollers, lump-breaker, wire drive, etc... besides mechanical maintenance, including maintenance and repair of suction presses and suction boxes.

Breast Roll

Wire Drive Roll

Lump Breaker Roll

Loading Roll

Wire Drive Roll

Press Section

The press section of a paper machine is the intermediate between the forming and drying section, the rollers and presses of this step are used to reduce the water content of the sheet of paper formed and consolidate its structure.
It is very important to count the most advanced technical covers and coatings in both materials and surface finishes as this will help to reduce the energy cost of the subsequent drying stage.
Tecnocaucho Rolls & Covers has all types of coverings available for the rollers and presses of the press section of the paper, we have qualities in premium natural and synthetic rubber, polyurethane elastomers of high properties, as well as ceramic coatings, composites and metallic coantings like tungsten carbide that make it possible to improve the surface of the paper sheet, achieving a greater superficial smoothness.
We have a wide range of hardness coverings for drying presses, this together with our perfect surface finishes and ground with maximum precision pumping allows the NIP in the contact area of the presses evenly distribute the pressure on the felt which minimizes water reabsorption by the sheet, improving the properties of the paper, achieving roughness, absorption capacity and adequate volume.
With these rollers and presses we obtain a resulting sheet of paper with a high dryness in the wet section of the paper machine, and this allows us to greatly reduce breaks in the drying and stretching sections.

Center Press Roll

Suction Press Roll

Rolls in contact paper

Blind Drilled Press Roll

LNP press roll

Offset press roll

Hard offset press roll

Drilled press roller

Soft press roller

Grooved press roll

Drying Section