Rubber Division

More than 300 types of Rubber Elastomers which we apply in all the industrial sectors, positioning Tecno Caucho as a leader in technology and quality.

From Natural and Synthetic Rubbers to more complex solutions like Hypalon or Silicon, with other options available, like electrically conductive and antistatic quality rubbers.

The rubber coverings that we make at TecnoCaucho Rolls & Covers with the most exhaustive process and quality control, vouched by the certification ISO 9001, posses a wide variety of properties, some of which are:

Our rubbers withstand an extremely high dynamic load

Rollers with an excellent recovery against deformations

Coatings with a superb elasticity

Great abrasion resistance

Elastomers with a perfect performance against extreme temperatures

Our coatings count on the highest stability in hardness and diameter

We guarantee that every coated roller has an ideal junction between rubber and axis

Rubber-based elastomer compounds with improved properties.

Nuestros recubrimientos de goma abarcan todas las formulaciones y materiales existentes, algunos de ellos con sus principales cualidades son:

In TecnoCaucho we count on a production capacity.

Rubber rollers and press up to 12 meters and 100 metric tons of weight, we also offer a global solution to the maintenance and repairing of the rollers and presses, including the following services:

Maxidry System

Since more than 20 years ago Tecno-Caucho Rolls & Covers has been using multi-layer technology in its roll covers, combining different formulations and hardness of rubber depending of roll application. Thanks to all this experience and to our constant strong investment in research and development of innovative rubber coatings for presses, we have developed the Maxidry system. With the Maxidry cover, which uses Triplex technology for printing machines we can achieve: