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Polyurethane coverings Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers
18 September, 2018
recubrimiento de rodillos

Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers is the Spanish company with the largest capability specialized in the production of rollers, presses, moulded parts and sleeves, as well as in the roller coverings in rubber, polyurethane, composites and by high speed thermal projection HVOF.

The company was founded in 1961 manufacturing rubber moulded parts. In the 80’s we started to form and include among our services and products rollers and parts in polyurethane elastomers. Since about ten years ago, we also specialize in HVOF and composite thermal spray coatings. The fact of offering a wide range of coatings at national and international level, as well as high quality and professional services, has led us to be a reference in the sector both inside and outside the country.

We currently have more than 12,000 m2 of facilities equipped with the most innovative machinery in the sector. Our goal continues to be, more than 55 years later, to provide the best service to those who trust us and to provide a wide range of surface coatings.

Given the importance that roller coating has in many sectors of the industrial environment, at TC Rolls & Covers we pay special attention to every detail to apply the most suitable in each case. We provide personalized advice so that our customers can find the most appropriate type of coating for their machinery according to their sector and the material they are working with, thus guaranteeing the best service for all of them and maximum safety.

Why choose Tecno Caucho for roller coating?

  • Experience. The company was founded in 1961, and since then we have been in constant training to continue improving and offering the best services and products.
  • Quality. All the processes that we follow comply with the regulations established in this respect, which shows the quality of each of our products.
  • Versatility. We work with different sectors of the industrial field and we adapt to them.
  • R & D. We seek excellence, and for that we are in a constant search for new formulations and methods to improve
  • Personalization. For us, no two clients are the same or have the same needs. We treat each of them individually in order to provide them with customized solutions that fit their business.

If you would like to receive more information or a quote for our roller coating service please contact us. We will attend you in a personalized way and with the professionalism that characterizes Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers since our beginnings. You will find us at the telephone number +34 96 154 74 50 and at the email

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