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Properties of Tc Rolls & Covers rubber coverings
17 September, 2018
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TC Rolls and Covers, specialists in roller coverings
19 September, 2018

At present, TC Rolls & Covers has one of the largest polyurethane coverings plants in the sector. We use the most advanced technology in the current market, which allows us to cover the rollers we work with with last generation materials.

Since 1988 we have a Polyurethane Division, integrated within the structure of Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers, specialized in the development of polyurethanes mainly for the coating of rollers, plates, wheels and technical parts. We are constantly searching for the best qualities to obtain an optimum resistance to friction wear, abrasion and chemical attack, as well as to improve their behaviour at low temperatures. Our polyurethane coverings also increase the capacity of hydrolysis and histéreis, are developed to work with oils and solvents and can be conductive or antistatic.

Applications of Tecno Rubber Rolls & Covers’ polyurethane covers

Thanks to their high quality and wide range of properties, these coatings are used in a large number of sectors and applications. The most representative are:

  • Steel sector: rollers of band passage, conductors, varnishers or flange, as well as in tanks and deposits of acids or cutting rings.
  • Paper-cardboard sector: rollers, cutter introduction wheels or hydrocyclones.
  • Construction, mechanical and transport sector: wheels, cylinders, discs, bearings, impellers, insulating structures or gears.
  • Automotive sector: handling parts, wheel inflating discs or press tools, springs or ejectors.
  • Application in mines, quarries and public works: screen cloths, drive rollers for conveyor belts, cyclones, discharge tubes or pipe coating, chutes, hoppers, pump bodies and impellers.
  • Application in semi-finished products: rectangular bars, discs, crowns, round, solid or hollow bars, bushes or polyurethane sheets of all thicknesses.

Services for polyurethane coverings

  • Repair and construction of rollers, presses and sleeves, wheels or any type of part.
  • Boring of polyurethane suction cylinders, grooved and blind alveolars.
  • Turning, grinding and finishing of the coated surfaces.
  • Dynamic balancing of rollers, wheels or shafts – Grinding and finishing for cylinders, elastomer or PU parts.
  • Maintenance of rollers, presses and suction sleeves.

Extensive experience in the sector and a professional technical team guarantee the quality of our polyurethane coatings and the professionalism of Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want personalized advice to give you a solution to your needs. You will find us at the telephone number +34 96 154 74 50 and at the email tecno@tecnocaucho.com.

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