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Properties of our polyurethane wheels
13 September, 2018
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Properties of Tc Rolls & Covers rubber coverings
17 September, 2018
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The paper industry is one of the most technically and technologically demanding. Having the right machinery and accessories, especially the specific rolls, becomes essential to guarantee the best quality of production. At TC Rolls & Covers we are aware of this demand, which has led us to offer our customers coverings and rollers for the paper industry of all types that are adapted to each section and field of action.

We work both for end customers and for machinery manufacturers who wish to incorporate rollers and coatings of the highest quality. Thanks to our constant training and our desire to innovate and grow with the sector, we have developed the best coatings and applications for each section of the industry, from rubber and polyurethane elastomer coverings to tungsten carbide by HVOF thermal projection and composites.

Standard papermaking machinery is composed of different sections: forming, pressing, drying, sizing, coating, winding, winding and calendering. Each of these requires specific rolls and coatings to achieve the expected results.

  • Forming section: we have forming rollers that are characterized by a high elasticity and an optimal friction coefficient. Breast Roll, Wire Suction Roll, Wire Drive Roll, Lump Breaker Roll, Loading Roll.
  • Pressing section: pressure roller, paper contact roller, hard press, offset, grooving, drilling, LNP and soft press.
  • Drying section: drying the sheet is the most complex process in paper manufacturing, so it is essential that the rolls and their coatings perform their function properly. We have different models: suction roller, dryer and ventilation roller.
  • Sizing and coating section: Film Press Roll, Coater Baking Roll, Metering Roll, Spreader Roll, Coater Applicator Press Roll, Paper Guide Roll.
  • Calendering section: Tecno Rubber calendering rolls improve heat transfer along the sheet, as well as brightness and paper properties.
  • Winding and winding section: Tecno Caucho’s winding and winding rolls are designed to eliminate marks on the paper sheet during winding and air wrinkles, as well as to improve paper and cardboard production without interfering with quality.

In Tecno Caucho Rolls & Covers we offer different services to the paper industry, always complying with the established quality standards and with the professionalism that characterizes our company since its foundation in 1961. At present we are the national company with the largest production capacity of rolls among others, so if you wish to acquire rolls for the paper industry you only have to contact us and we will provide you with the ones that best suit your business and machinery.

You can find us at the telephone number +34 96 154 74 50 and at the email, where we will attend to all your doubts and requests.

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